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You Are Courageous

This is super simple. It takes courage to create. You are a creator - and therefore - courageous. Big or small, broadcast to the world or admired privately - you create. So, why not enjoy some inspiration, courage building, and community along the way?

The Host: Skye Lucking

Skye (that's me!) is an muralist, artist, writer, mother, and creator living in Phoenix, Arizona. She decided in November of 2017 that it was time to go ahead and bump-up the level of creative awesome in her's and as many other people as she could's life. You'll hear all 'about it on Skye Fri - my vlog on Fridays.  

Her husband is a champion - as is stated by his apron, obviously - and a bit more private than his extrovert wife. He's the bee's knees! 

Her son, (born in May of 2014) Cormac Escher Lucking (named after famed writer Cormac McCarthy and artist M.C. Escher) is also a firecracker full of intelligent, silly, sweetness. 

Here's all that webtasticness for Skye:


Skye's art products company: Joyful Geometry

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